Hellenic Union of Composers and Authors


Welcome to the official website of HELLENIC UNION OF COMPOSERS AND AUTHORS (E.M.S.E.)


E.M.S.E was founded in 1971 as an initiative of Greek composers and authors. During all these years, its principal aim was to protect the intellectual property rights in Greece in all levels, given the legislative initiatives or omissions of the Greek state and the evolution of music industry while adopting new emerging technologies for the production, distribution and public performance of creators’ works.


An initiative of decisive importance was E.M.S.E.’s intervention to the amendment procedure of Law 3075/2002 (OG 297Α') by the Greek parliament, in accordance to Law 3620/2007 (OG 276Α'), regarding the honorary pensions granted to litterateurs and artists.


In 2003, E.M.S.E. founded the non-profit Collecting Society of Intellectual Property Rights of composers and authors autodia, as a legal entity, and in 2007 it founded the non-profit civil partnership Cultural Action E.M.S.E., involved in book publications, album releases, promotion, distribution, background music service and concerts.


E.M.S.E. is a member of ECSA (European Composer and Songwriter Alliance), a professional alliance formed by over 40 associations of composers and songwriters from all over Europe, holding as a main objective the defense and promotion of creators’ rights at all levels by any legal means.


E.M.S.E invites young songwriters to embrace Union’s activities by contributing with their knowledge, concerns and goals in common efforts that should be constant in all fields in national, European and international level.


The Union provides its members with a legal service of intellectual property copyright (original music, lyrics, scripts, plays etc.) for a minimum fee, in collaboration with a notary.


Creation is everlasting as long as we support constantly, with confidence and solidarity, those people who have devoted their life to creating artistic beauty at any cost.


The Board of Directors is constituted as follows:


President: Yiannis Glezos

Vice President : Vangelis Fampas

General Secretary: Nikos Touliatos

Special Secretary of Public and International Relations: Marios Strofalis

Treasurer: Dimitris Zafirelis
Members: Nikos Pitloglou, Eva Litina, Linos Kokotos, Leda Halkiadaki, Despoina Glezou